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On this page, I present (and will present) some general experiences and thoughts with my new AZ GoTo mount (since July 2016). It has the long name Sky-Watcher Star Discovery AZ GoTo Telescope Mount and thus, is an azimuthal mount. I use the Sky-Watcher Heritage 100P, P130, and the Skymax-102 OTA tubes on this mount.

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How I Came to Own a GoTo Mount

After I had owned a Bresser telescope, purchased from ALDI, for some time (I do even no longer know whether it was a telescope or a refractor...), I got interested in the Meade ETX-90EC, a Maksutov-Cassegrain telescope, particularly thanks to Michael Weasner's great website (no longer active). In the spring of 1999, I had the opportunity to buy an ETX and an Autostar computer at the Pittsburgh airport (I had speculated on this ...), did so, and had to pay a lot of taxes at the customs (a special experience!). Later, I bought a table stand to use the telescope's tracking and GoTo features, but, for various reasons, this did not work out. Instead, I used the ETX like a Dobsonian telescope, and later I stayed with this principle. My first Dobsonian telescope, a 10" Meade Lightbridge truss Dobsonian was an addition in 2009, and shortly thereafter and in the same year, I sold my ETX. The total eclipse of the sun in 1999 was certainly the absolute highlight in its "career" here.

Already when using the ETX, which magnifies quite a lot because of its long focal length, I noticed that sky objects quickly disappear from the field of view without automatic tracking. The same accounts, of course, for the later "large" telescopes that I own. Especially disturbing was when I wanted to show something to my wife, and she was not fast enough at the telescope to see it, too... In 2016, I revived the idea of​​ automatic tracking although I had failed miserably with the ETX, as written above... This time, I decided to buy a Sky-Watcher Virtuoso mount (AZ mount, tracking only, but can be upgraded to GoTo quite expensively; my version came with a 4.5" Dobsonian tube) - and failed again. The control went "crazy ", I do not know why, and so I decided to part with it. Thereafter, I asked myself whether I would go for a second try or try the similar Merlin control, searched for further AZ mounts and finally asked a dealer. He suggested to buy the Sky-Watcher Star Discovery AZ GoTo mount, which can carry up to 5 kg - weight was also important for me - and GoTo was already included. Now the question was, whether the device can also "easily" track sky objects. The answer was "yes." But I've only worked with GoTo so far - that's the curse of technology...

In the end, I acquired a GoTo control because I wanted to have automatic tracking and also a mount that can carry more than 2 kg of weight. The Virtuoso mount is said to be able to carry 4 kg load in Europe, but in the US, the Sky-Watcher Websites urge you, not to go above 2 kg load...

So now I own a GoTo control, use it from time to time, that is, if the effort is worth it and I am at home and not on the road (there I use the Heritage 100P). And even despite partially frustrating experiences at the beginning (which will surely repeat...), I would not want to give away the GoTo control anymore - only for a better exchange or for one, which can also carry a 6" tube.


Makes GoTo Stupid?

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Some Amenities (and Frustrations)...

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Preliminary Conclusions

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