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On this page, I present some information about my Sky-Watcher Star Discovery AZ GoTo telescope mount (ordered on July 12, 2016 , arrived on July 18 after adjustment at the dealer's). I use the Sky-Watcher Heritage 100P and P130 telescope tubes and the Starmax-102 OTA on this azimuthal mount- see the photos further below.

The Sky-Watcher Star Discovery AZ GoTo telescope mount seems to be identical to the Orion StarSeeker IV GoTo AZ Mount (I asked a dealer for this). The latter is, however, 100 EUR more expensive and is advertised as able to carry a maximum load of up to 6 kg.

The basic data were taken from the Teleskop-Spezialisten Website, where I purchased the mount.

As "major" accessories, I purchased an external power supply (Sky-Watcher 12V / 7Ah Power Tank) in order not to have to buy batteries all the time, and a SkyWire device made by Southern Stars (version with Lightning connector for newer iPads and iPhones). The latter allows you to command the GoTo mount instead of using the hand box with the iPad astronomy app SkySafari Pro. For this purpose, it has to be connected to the RS232 interface of the hand box. I also acquired a crosshair eyepiece (12.5 mm focal length, illuminated) for better alignment and a LED red + white flashlight with adjustable brightness to be able to read star catalogs, etc. All in all, it soon turned out that the mount was not the only investment necessary to enter the world of GoTo...

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Outer package


Package dimensions :
Outer package: 26 cm x 47 cm x 88 cm

Gross weight: 11 kg (9.8 kg, own measurement), net weight: 7 kg


Ditto, opened



Inner boxes "out of the box"


Tools, hand box holder, compass....

View of the opened box with mount and further parts

View of the opened tripod box

Tripod (accessory tray not assembled)

Tripod head

Mount box empty...

Content of the mount box

Content of the mount box, unpacked

Ditto, with further accessories

Mount from bottom
(see the holes for the tripod)

Dovetail mount for telescope tubes (Vixen type)

Mount seen more from below and the side

Switch and connections at the mount, detail

Mount from other side with battery compartment

Battery compartment opened

Battery holder (8 x AA)

Mount Assembled

Mount from one side

Ditto, overall view

Mount turned around

Ditto, overall view

Ditto with external power supply (Sky-Watcher Power Tank 12 V / 7 Ah)

Ditto, mount turned around


Look with Telescope Tubes

Mount with Heritage 100P Telescope Tube (and with SkyWire GoTo Control for iPad)

Heritage 100P tube on mount (overall view)

Ditto (detail)

Front view

Heritage 100P tube on mount, turned around (overall view)

Ditto (detail)

Top view

Heritage 100P tube on mount (with tripod); SkyWire GoTo control lying on the ground, iPad lying on the table (both hard to see...)

Ditto; SkyWire GoTo control lying on the ground, iPad lying on the table (both hard to see...)


Mount with Skymax-1002 OTA

Skymax-102 tube on mount (overall view)

Ditto (Detail)

Front view

Skymax-102 tube on mount, turned around (overall view)

Ditto (detail)

As noted elsewhere, the position of the red dot finder is not very useful - I have to find a better solution for this

Rear view


Ditto (detail)


Mount with Heritage P130 Telescope Tube

The Heritage P130 tube weighs less than 4 kg and can therefore be used on the Star Discovery mount. Here are some photos:

P130 "compact" seen from the side

P130 in "working mode" seen from the side

Ditto, seen from the other side

P130 "compact", seen from the other side

P130 in "working mode", overview

Ditto, seen from the other side

Mount with Explorer 150PDS Newton Tube

The Explorer 150PDS Newton tube weighs "alone" about 5.5 kg and can therefore be used on the Star Discovery mount only conditionally (more experience with this combination is needed...). Here are some photos:


Basic Data for Sky-Watcher Star Discovery AZ GoTo Telescope Mount




First Photo Attempts

Since photos can only be taken in cooperation with telescopic tubes, I will show pictures on the pages of the respective telescopes, provided there should be any. In the case of deep sky objects that I will primarily seek with this mount, it is not to be expected that my photo attempts will succeed...


Preliminary Conclusions

First attempts at using the GoTo mount with my different telescope tubes were encouraging on the one hand, but on the other hand, they were sometimes very frustrating. Sometimes, I quickly managed to align the mount well (using two stars), but sometimes not at all. In part, these differences can be attributed to the difference in magnification that can be achieved with the tubes - the Heritage 100P is the most benign in this respect because of its low focal length (and thus, magnification). In part, it may also have been a matter of how far apart the observed objects were in the sky. Let's see whether I can become better in this matter...

Nevertheless, I have already been able to find and observe a number of deep-sky objects with the GoTo mount, which were, of course, primarily "classics" (M13, M92, M31, ...) that are easy to observe. I will describe my "deep-sky experiences of a beginner" on separate pages, perhaps they may be useful for other beginners.

All in all, the mount has opened the way to the world of deep-sky objects for me, also because I finally acquired the appropriate literature. Without this and a certain preparation for the observation objects, it just does not seem to work, as my experience shows. Thus, in 2016 I was able to observe more such objects than in my whole life before. In addition, these experiences helped me to find larger deep-sky objects without technology, but with literature, using the compact and thus, easily transportable Heritage 100P on my vacations!




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