Messier 92 (M 92)

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On this page I collect my observations of the globular star cluster M 92 in the constellation Hercules.



The globular star cluster M 92 in the Hercules constellation is somewhat smaller (depending on the author, it is 7 'or 8' in size) than its more familiar "brethren" M 13. It is located above the Keystone asterism, the most prominent part of the constellation More difficult to find than M 13. I was able to clearly see the bright nucleus - M 92 appears somewhat more concentrated ta the center than M 13 - but not dissolve single stars. In my binoculars, M 92 appeared also very small.

Size: 7' / 8' (Stoyan/Karkoschka)
Distance: 25,000 light years (Stoyan)
Rating: *** (Stoyan)



M 92 is located above the Keystone asterism and a little more difficult to find than M 13. First find the Keystone asterism!



The sketch by Michael Vlasov ( provides a rough impression of what I observed in Summer/Autumn 2016 (my impression was much fainter and smaller than the sketch):

Sketch of the M 92 globular star cluster by Michael Vlasov (Copyright © Michael Vlasov 2016) - presented with the author's permission


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