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On this page I show photos of galaxies from the "larger region" Canes Venatici, which I took with different cameras. Partially, I have had the photos evaluated and labeled by, so that one can find the larger galaxies more easily.

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From April to June it is "galaxy time", and so I photograph and observe more galaxies during this time. With the eVscope, this means that because of the small field of view (about the size of the moon), I generally get only one galaxy on a photo; only in exceptional cases it can be more. Since acquiring the ZWO ASI294, however, I can take larger fields of view; on the PS 72/432 refractor, for example, I get a field of view of a good 2.5° x 1.7° - the largest I can achieve with my equipment. As a result, depending on the area of sky in which it was taken, a photograph may contain a large number of galaxies, most of which are very small. However, because of the large field of view, even the larger galaxies in the photos are quite small.

On this page I show galaxies, partly alone, partly together with a few others, and partly on overview photos, on which one can recognize the galaxies only with difficulty. Such photos I let evaluate and label by, so that one finds the larger galaxies more easily.

This page is dedicated to the "larger region " Canes Venatici (only larger galaxies are shown in the following map):

Map: Larger galaxies in the constellation Canes Venatici

Larger galaxies: M 51, M 63, M 94, M 106, NGC 4244, NGC 4449, NGC 4490


Galaxies (Messier)

Messier Galaxies: M 51, M 63, M 94, M 106

The following photos were taken with the eVscope:


M 51


M 63


M 94


M 106





Galaxies (NGC)

NGC Galaxies: NGC 4244, NGC 4248, NGC 4449, NGC 4490/85, NGC 5005, NGC 5173

The following photos were taken with the eVscope:


NGC 4244 (Silver Needle Galaxy)


NGC 4248 (near M 60)


NGC 4449

NGC 4490/85 (Cocoon Galaxies)  

NGC 5005

  NGC 5173 (large red spot)




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