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On this page, I describe my experiences (no observations) with my electronic 4,5" Newton telescope Unistellar eVscope (I took part in a Kickstarter campaign in mid-November 2017; it arrived on January 27, 2020). This fifth "experiences" page covers first experiences with the new app version 1.4 (from September 2, 2021 on). Possibly, these are useful for others who want to acquire the eVscope as well...

Note: App version 1.4.1 was released on September 2, 2021, and there were little opportunities for observations with the preceding app version 1.3. On the page for version 1.3, I focus on the new image processing.

Further Notes: See page Overview of the eVscope Pages for just that! For a detailed version history of the app, see page App Version History.



Photos: My eVscope (End of January 2020)

Read First, Please!

My eVscope arrived at my home at the end of January 2020. During the first weeks, it had an app with a version number below 1.0. My experiences with this early app version are reported on page Unistellar eVscope - First Experiences. For links to further experiences, see page Overview of the eVscope Pages.

Note: Those who already start with a newer app version do not need to read the above-mentioned pages.

The following experiences are based on the app version 1.4 and refer initially only to changes compared with the previous state, later also to changes made in the course of this version.

On the one hand, according to Unistellar, some bugs were fixed, on the other hand, some changes were made regarding the user interface. So, no new functionality was added!

In the following, I therefore just describe my experiences with this version. For a more detailed version history, see page App Version History.


The New App Version (Version 1.4.1 and Newer)

App Version 1.4.1 (September 2, 2021)

The new app version (V 1.4.1) is available in Europe since September 2, 2021, and I downloaded it on the very same day. First of all, the app required me, as did the three previous versions, to update my eVscope, which succeeded right away. The new app version offers, according to the App Store, the following new functions (in my own words):

Obviously, app version 1.4.0 was never published...

Status: There were two updates up to now (see below)

eVscope Experience Improvements

Regarding this aspect, I was not able up to now to find out what this refers to...

Various Bug Fixes

As always, no information on this...

Why A Jump in the Version Number?

Why did Unistellar increase the version number, although no new functionality was added? In general, something like this is unusual.... On the one hand, Unistellar indicated to me that the new version contains "tons of bug fixes", and on the other hand, I assume that this version has been adapted to the new eVscope 2 and therefore contains many changes "under the covers". But this is only a guess! However, the quickly following version 1.4.2 (with the same comments) would in my eyes support this assumption ...

App Version 1.4.2 (September 16, 2021)

That is, the same...

App Version 1.4.3 (October 18, 2021)

User Alerts for Enhanced Vision Problem Detection

This item was suggested to Unistellar by me (and perhaps by other eVscope users as well...). I still do not know what these alerts look like...


The New Image Format and the New Image Processing

So the main innovation of this app version is still the quadruple size of the photos in Enhanced Vision mode, especially since I had little opportunity to observe with app version 1.3. When comparing "old" and "new" photos or when looking directly at the new photos, I noticed the following changes with app version 1.3 (see there):

On the page for app version 1.3, I try to substantiate these observations with examples (see there). Since I assume that app version 1.4 does not bring any huge innovations here, I will on this page try to present a collection of examples for comparing the old image processing with the new one. Please click the previews for the larger versions (1280 x 960 pixels) for an easier comparison!

Comparison Examples

Old Processing (< Version 1.3)


Version 1.3 and Newer


M 3 - May 15, 2020, processed


M 3 - Sep 8, 2021, processed


M 8 (Lagoon Nebula) - Aug 23, 2020, processed


M 8 (Lagoon Nebula) Jul 17, 2021, processed


M 10 - May 29, 2020, processed


M 10 - Jul, 17, 2021, processed


M 13 - Sep 15, 2020, processed


M 13 - Jul 18, 2021, processed


M 16 (Eagle Nebula) - Aug 23, 2020, processed


M 16 (Eagle Nebula) - Jul 17, 2021, processed


M 17 (Omega /Swan Nebula) - Aug 23, 2020, processed


M 17 (Omega /Swan Nebula) - Jul 17, 2021, processed


M 20 (Trifid Nebula) - Aug 23, 2020, processed


M 20 (Trifid Nebula) - Jul 17, 2021, processed


M 22 - Aug 9, 2020, processed


M 22 - Jul 18, 2021, processed


M 27 - Nov 2, 2020, processed


M 27 - Oct 16, 2021, processed


M 33 - Oct 10, 2020, processed


M 33 - Oct 9, 2021, processed


M 92 - Sep 15, 2020, processed


M 92 - Jul 18. 2021, processed


The new image processing actually seems to bring advantages in the presentation of the sky objects, such as more details and sharpness as well as a darker background; increased contrast and changed colors, however, are a matter of taste. Now, I only wish that the graininess of the photos and the amplifier glow can be reduced...


Small Bug List

In progress

Entering DSO Coordinates Manually

If you enter the coordinates of a DSO manually, the app remembers them and displays them again. It does this even if you turn the smartphone off and call up the manual coordinate input again after a few days. However, then the problem occurs that the GoTo control moves in a completely different direction, that is, it uses wrong coordinates. Only after one has once again entered the identical coordinates by hand, the GoTo works correctly.

I have observed the problem myself, and another eVscope owner has also reported it to me. I have not yet investigated at what point in time the error occurs, that is, whether it only occurs after switching off the smartphone or already after restarting the app.


Suggestions for Improvement

In preparation

And as always, I wish that important image data would be saved with the image!


First Conclusions on Version 1.4

In preparation




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