Northern Lights in Laponia 2002

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At the turn of the year from 2002 to 2003, we were in Laponia. More precisely, we were in Rajamaa on the island Muonialüsta in the "border" river Muonio close to the town Muonio in Finland and about 200 km north of the polar circle (the island belongs already to Sweden). There, we could observe the zodiac ligth for two times. The photos below were taken on December 30, 2002 with a Minolta Dimage 7i and without a tripod.

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BTW: End of June 2003, we visited Rajamaa for a second time, having nearly "tropical" temperatures. This time, the sun did not go down...

Nordlicht, 30.12.2002 - Minolta Dimage 7i

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