NGC 884/869 - Perseus Double Cluster

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On this page I collect my observations of the double star cluster NGC 884/869 in the constellation Perseus.



The open double star cluster NGC 884/869 in Perseus is considered to be a first-rate deep sky object. Therefore, it has received a 5-star rating from Stoyan. Supposedly the double cluster should be seen with the naked eye, but I cannot confirm this. In small binoculars, however, it can already be seen well - particularly, as a double cluster.

NGC 884/869
Size: 25' / 20' (Stoyan)
Distance: 7,600/6,800 light years (Stoyan)
Ranking: ***** (Stoyan)



Double cluster NGC 884/869 in Perseus (between Perseus and Cassiopeia)

Overview map: Perseus double cluster NGC 884/869 and Andromeda Galaxy M 31



The sketch by Michael Vlasov ( provides a rough impression of what I observed (my impression was much fainter than the sketch):

Sketch of the NGC 884/869 Double Cluster by Michael Vlasov (Copyright © Michael Vlasov 2016) - presented with the author's permission


My Own Observations

Observations Summer to Autumn 2016

Observations February/March 2017

Observations September 2017

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Observations January 2018



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