Messier 33 (M 33) - Triangulum Galaxy

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On this page I collect my observations of the Triangulum galaxy M 31 in the constellation Triangulum.



The Triangulum Galaxy M 33 in constellation Triangulum is the third largest galaxy in the "local group," which also contains our Milky Way and the Andromeda Galaxy M 31. It is considered to be the most distant celestial object visible to the naked eye. I had problems even with my small refractor to catch just a glow at all. According to Stoyan, the problem with this DSO is that the exit pupil is too low. According to this author, the best magnification for a 3" telescope is 12 x. Thus, for my PS 72/432 it would be even less (10 to 11 x...). Such low magnifications also require a very dark sky so that there is enough contrast to the sky background... In France, I was able to catch at least a faint glow in autumn 2018...

I found the Triangulum Galaxy M 33 by moving down from the Andromeda Galaxy M 31 to the bright star Mirach - and then moved about the same distance down in the same direction.

Size: 30' x 20' (Stoyan)
Distance: 3 million light years
Rating: *** (Stoyan)



M 33 (Triangulum Galaxy) in the constellation Triangulum; alos shown is the Andromeda Galaxy M 31, as well as several open star clusters


My Own Observations

Observations September/October 2018




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