Messier 2 (M 2)

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On this page I collect my observations of the globular star cluster M 2 in the constellation Aquarius.



M 12 is a globular star cluster that is located in the constellation Aquarius. It is not far away from the globular star cluster M 15 in constellation Pegasus. The star Enif in Pegasus can be used to find M 2.

Size: 6' (Stoyan), 10' (Karkoschka)
Distance: 37,000 light years (Stoyan)
Rating: *** (Stoyan).

Comment from HTT Skyguide 2008 (translated by DeepL and me): On perfectly clear nights, M 2 may even be visible as a star-shaped object. Equipped with binoculars, a slightly diffuse "star" can be found at its position. Up to apertures of about 4-5", single stars cannot be resolved even at higher magnifications. They are consistently much fainter in direct comparison with M 13. Only a single star is visible in the foggy border areas of the globular cluster from 3" aperture and 100x magnification on; this is most likely a foreground star. With medium apertures, M 2 falls more and more apart into a lot of weak stars - first in the border area and from 10" on , assuming a corresponding magnification, single stars are resolved to the center.

According to Stoyan, a partial resolution into single stars only succeeds with an aperture of 4" to 5"; the dense central area, however, cannot be resolved even with much larger optics.



M 2 in the constellation Aquarius (M 15 in constellation Pegasus is also indicated)


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