Messier 11 (M 11) - Wild Duck Cluster

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On this page I collect my observations of the open star cluster M 11, called Wild Duck Cluster, in the constellation Scutum/Shield.



The open star cluster M 11, called Wild Duck Cluster, is located in the constellation Scutum/Shield and, according to Stoyan, is regarded as the most beautiful of its kind that is visible from central Europe. M 11 is located in the Scutum cloud, a special section of the Milky Way.

Size: 7' (Stoyan)
Distance: 6,000 light years (Stoyan)
Rating: **** (Stoyan)



M 11 (top) belongs to the constellation Scutum/Shield. All other objects belong to the Sagittarius constellation (M 8, M 16, M 17, M 20, M 21, M 23, M 24).

M 11 in the constellation Scutum/Shield is close to an irregular trapezium, which I can see well in binoculars (depending on the telescope, it is on the left or right side), but cannot find on many star maps and in many astronomy programs, because it is quite small. This trapezium helps me to find the star cluster and also to identify it as M 11!



The sketch by Michael Vlasov ( provides an impression of what I failed to observe in Summer/Autumn 2016: Sketch of the M 11 star cluster by Michael Vlasov (Copyright © Michael

Vlasov 2016)

Note: I only have the author's permission to link to the sketch.


My Own Observations

Observations Summer to Autumn 2016

Observations October/November 2017

Observations September/October 2018 (France)

Observations October-December 2018 (Mühlhausen)



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