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On this page, I present some information about my ZWO ASI462MC color camera (bought on December 20, 2022 in the forum, arrived at my home on December 24, 2022). This camera has the same Sony sensor as my Vaonis Vespera (Sony IMX462), so I was interested in finding out how it would perform on my telescopes in comparison with the Vespera (and my other cameras).

See the appendix for the technical data. See also:

Note: The camera was discontinued and replaced with the ZWO ASI662MC.



In 2022, I had "consolidated" my camera equipment a bit by selling my ZWO ASI224MC and buying a ZWO ASO294MC. Also, at the end of the year, I had offered my Atik Infinity for sale in the forum of (and sold it...). Then, just before Christmas, I came across a mint ZWO ASI462MC in the same forum (Biete = Offers) and purchased it, because it has the same Sony sensor (IMX462) as the Vespera. So I would be able to conduct a similar comparison between the two devices as between the ZWO ASI224MC and the Unistellar eVscope.

However, I found a note from ZWO (and not dealers) that the camera is no longer manufactured and has been replaced with the ZWO ASI662MC...

I am also curious whether the camera will work on the StellarMate astrocomputer or if it will cause similar problems as the ASI224MC.




Outer Box

Outer box opened

Contents taken out of the outer box

One more layer removed

Camera box taken out

Camera box

Camera box opened, contents visible

Camera box opened, contents taken out

The contents next to the box

Camera taken out of the plastic bag

Ditto, lid removed from the optics

Closer view, lid removed from the optics

Labelling of the box

Left: Labelling of the box

Look of the Camera

Camera Connected to a Computer


Look at the PS 72/432

Here, the ZWO ASI462 is shown at the Omegon PS 72/432; the photos are processed by the StellarMate astronomy computer, which is controlled using an iPad. The photos show a complete EAA equipment!


Sensor, Pixel Data, Field of View

The ASI462MC camera uses the Sony sensor type IMX462 (CMOS) with a resolution of 2.1 MegaPixels, or 1920 x 1080 pixels (H/V). The pixel size is 2.9 µm (quadratic pixels). With this, all sizes are known to calculate the field of view of the camera at different telescope tubes!

For simplity reasons, I did not calculate the values myself, but used the Website for calculating the field of view of the ASI462MC camera at my current telescope tubes (as of December 2022):

Legend: Cyan Custom Scope = PS 72/432, magenta Custom Scope = TLAPO1027

I summarize the results of the diagrams (and others shown elsewhere) in the following table:

Field of View
Telescope Reducer Focal
Aperture f ASI224MC* ASI294MC ASI462MC Atik Infinity* Remarks
PS 72/432 --- 432 72 6 0.65° x 0.48° 2.54° x 1.73° 0.74° x 0.42° 1.19° x 0.89° The largest FOV of my tubes
C5 --- 1250 127 10 0.22° x 0.17° 0.88° x 0.60° 0.26° x 0.15° 0.41° x 0.31° FOV like C8 with reducer
C5 f/6.3 787.5 127 6.3 0.36° x 0.17° 1.40° x 0.95° 0.41° x 0.23° 0.65° x 0.49° FOV a little smaller as with TLAPO1027
C8* --- 2032 203 10 0.14° x 0.1° 0.54° x 0.37° 0.16° x 0.09° 0.25° x 0.19° The smallest FOV
C8* f/6.3 1280 203 6.3 0.22° x 0.16° 0.86° x 0.58° 0.25° x 0.14° 0.4° x 0.3° FOV like C5
TLAPO1027 --- 714 102 7 0.39° x 0.29° 1.54° x 1.05° 0.45° x 0.26° 0.72° x 0.54° FOV a little larger than for C5 with reducer
          in Degrees in Minutes      
eVscope* --- 450 114 4 0.61° x 0.46 36.7' x 27.6'     Same sensor as ASI224: Sony IMX224
eVscope 2* --- 450 114 4 0.78° x 0.57° 47' x 34'     New sensor: Sony IMX347
Vespera   200 50 4 1.6° x 0.9° 100' x 54' (ca.)     Same sensor as ASI462: Sony IMX462
Vespera Pro **   250 50 5 1.6° x 1.6° 100' x 100' (ca.)     New sensor: Sony IMX676

*) No longer in my possession; **) preordered


Visited Sky Objects

In preparation


First Photo Attempts

In preparation


Preliminary Conclusions

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Appendix: Technical Data of the ZWO ASI 462MC (from ZWO Website)


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