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This page lists a few astronomy links. The focus is, of course, at least in part on my former and current telescopes.

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Telescopes and Accessories

For links to pages about specific telescopes see the respective telescope pages.

Dobson Telescopes and More
Telescope Reviews
Sky-Watcher Synscan
Look of Sky Objects in Different Telescopes

Deep Sky, Astrophotography, EAA

Deep Sky Sites

Messier catalogues:

Messier Telrad maps (author unclear, Maps in English, pages in German):

Illustrated Messier objects list (Michael Vlasov):

Messier photos (Manfred Simon):

Video Astronomy, EAA

Practice, Experiences

Dedicated Sites

Discussion Forums/Boards

eVscope, Stellina, Vespera, and More...
Atik Infinity Camera

Atik Infinity product page:

Pages from German distributors for the Atik Infinity camera:


Amateur Photos



Sky Maps, Sky Data, Applications to Draw Sky Charts, And Similar Sites

  • Jim's Cosmos (Interactive Star Charts, Catalogues, Planisphere, 18" Dobsonian and more):

Sky Events

Total Eclipse 1999

(All the links that I listed originally have disappeared in the meantime...)

Venus Transit 2004

German-speaking Websites with information about the Venus transit (general):

Ditto, Venus transit 2004:

English-speaking Websites with information about the Venus transit:

Mercury Transit 2016

English-speaking Websites with information about the Mercury transit 2016:

German-speaking Websites with information about the Mercury transit 2016:

Links and More...

German-Speaking Astronomy Websites/Portals

Personal Astrononomy Websites
Information for Astronomy Beginners

Links, Miscellany

Astronomy Links:

Astronomy Resources:

Stock Photography




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