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This page lists a few astronomy links. The focus is, of course, at least in part on my former and current telescopes.

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Telescopes and Accessories

For links to pages about specific telescopes see the respective telescope pages.

Dobson Telescopes and More
Telescope Reviews
Sky-Watcher Synscan
Look of Sky Objects in Different Telescopes

Deep Sky, Astrophotography, EAA

Deep Sky Sites

Messier catalogues:

Messier Telrad maps (author unclear, Maps in English, pages in German):

Illustrated Messier objects list (Michael Vlasov):

Messier photos (Manfred Simon):

Video Astronomy, EAA

Practice, Experiences

Dedicated Sites

Live Broadcasting Websites

  • Video Astronomy Live:
    This site has been created as a platform for amateur astronomers globally to broadcast live and share with you the views they see of our Universe. Using a variety of specially adapted CCD cameras and sophisticated software they will showcase live views of Lunar, Solar, Planets or near live views Deep Space Objects. You will be able to chat with Broadcasters in real time and ask questions or even make requests for a specific object you would like to see. Where possible, we have no doubt any of the Broadcaster’s would be happy to oblige! (From the Website)

Discussion Forums/Boards

eVscope, Stellina, Vespera, and More...
Atik Infinity Camera

Atik Infinity product page:

Pages from German distributors for the Atik Infinity camera:


Amateur Photos



Sky Maps, Sky Data, Applications to Draw Sky Charts, And Similar Sites

  • Jim's Cosmos (Interactive Star Charts, Catalogues, Planisphere, 18" Dobsonian and more):

Sky Events

Total Eclipse 1999

(All the links that I listed originally have disappeared in the meantime...)

Venus Transit 2004

German-speaking Websites with information about the Venus transit (general):

Ditto, Venus transit 2004:

English-speaking Websites with information about the Venus transit:

Mercury Transit 2016

English-speaking Websites with information about the Mercury transit 2016:

German-speaking Websites with information about the Mercury transit 2016:

Links and More...

German-Speaking Astronomy Websites/Portals

Personal Astrononomy Websites
Information for Astronomy Beginners

Links, Miscellany

Astronomy Links:

Astronomy Resources:

Stock Photography




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