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This page lists a few astronomy links. The focus is, of course, on my former Meade ETX-90EC Maksutov-Cassegrain and Meade LightBridge 10" Dobson telescopes, on my Sky-Watcher Heritage Dobsonian telescopes P130, 100P, and my former 76, my Sky-Watcher Skymax-102 OTA, as well as on my GSO GDS680 8" Dobsonian telescope.

Telescopes and Accessories


Company Website, USA:

Meade ETX Telescope


The info source for my (former) telescope Meade ETX-90EC: (Final Site Content Update: 31 August 2013)

Meade Dobson Telescopes


Sky-Watcher Telescopes

Sky-Watcher company Website, USA:, (older site?)

Sky-Watcher Skymax-102 OTA Pages from German distributors for the Sky-Watcher Skymax-102 OTA:
Sky-Watcher Heritage P130 (Dobson)

Heritage P130 page on Sky-Watcher Website:,

Seiten deutscher Händler, die das Teleskop Heritage P130 vertreiben:

Pages from German distributors for the Heritage P130:

Experiences from other users:

Sky-Watcher Heritage 100P (Dobson)

Pages from German Distributors for the Sky-Watcher Heritage 100P:

Sky-Watcher Heritage 76 (Dobson)

Heritage 76 page on Sky-Watcher Website:,

Pages from German Distributors for the Sky-Watcher Heritage 76

Sky-Watcher Heritage 114P Virtuoso (Dobson)

Heritage 114P Virtuoso page on Sky-Watcher Website:, MAK90)

Virtuoso P114 Review in Astronomy Now:

Pages from German or Dutch distributors for the Sky-Watcher Heritage 114P:


GSO GSD 680 (Dobson)

GSO Company Website, Taiwan:
GSD 680 page on the GSO Website:

Video showing the assembly of the telescope (10" version):

Pages of German dealers who sell the GSD 680 telescope:

Dobson Telescopes and More

Telescopes and Deep Sky (Reiner Vogel):

Equatorial platform (Reiner Vogel):

Telescope Reviews

Telescope Reviews (


Baader Hyperion eyepieces (Germany): (offers downloads in English)

TS Optics HR Planetary eyepieces (Teleskop-Service, Germany, 6 mm eyepice including general information, in English):

Revelation eyepiece set (no longer available, except for from Telescope House):

Eyepiece (Wikipedia):

Deep Sky

Deep Sky Sites

Telescopes and Deep Sky (Reiner Vogel):

Deep Sky Data Base (Stephan Brüning, (in German)

Telrad Templates for printing (??, in German):

J.R. Torres' Website on Deep Sky Astronomy:
Triatlas project (maps):

Deep-Sky Watch (Michael Vlasov):

The NGC/IC Project (Robert E. Erdmann):


Messier catalogues:

Messier Telrad maps (author unclear, Maps in English, pages in German):

Illustrated Messier objects list (Michael Vlasov):

Links and More...

Information for Astronomy Beginners (Christian Leu):, (in German)

Teleskope: Eine Einführung - mit Tipps zum Kauf (Dr. Wolfgang Strickling): (in German)

Photos, Links, Miscellany

Martin Wagner: (Frame-based Website, therefore, you need to search a little...) (German)

Martin Wagner: (Photos of sky and earth - and more...) (German)

Frank Brunswig: (Photos of constellations, galaxies, and nebulae; SAP colleague) (German)

Stock photography:

Astronomy Links:

Astronomy Resources:

Total Eclipse 1999

(All the links that I listed originally have disappeared in the meantime...)

Venus Transit 2004

German-speaking Websites with information about the Venus transit (general):

Ditto, Venus transit 2004:

English-speaking Websites with information about the Venus transit:

Mercury Transit 2016

English-speaking Websites with information about the Mercury transit 2016:

German-speaking Websites with information about the Mercury transit 2016:

German Astronomy Websites -> Commercial website, sponsored by German dealers, but useful - also with marketplace for used equipment -> Astronomy in Germany, Switzerland, and Austria German-speaking online service for astronomy, astrophysics, and space flight





ISS (Wikipedia):

ISS schedule:

Ditto (in German):

Martin Wagner - ISS photos: (without navigation frame, German)


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