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In order to be able to observe the Mercury transit of the sun in May 2016, I acquired a euro EMC solar filter for my GSO GSD 680 8 "Dobson telescope, namely the type SF100 filter (order number 600-109, size 9: for tubes of 219 to 283 mm diameter, aperture = 207 mm). The euro EMC solar filters utilize the Baader Planetarium Astro Solar film of density 5 (ND5), which is suitable for both visual observation and projection photography.

But I had to also order a smaller filter of the same type SF100 (order number 600-105, size 5: for tubes of 103 to 131 mm diameter) because, due to a surgery, I was not able to carry my heavy 8 "telescope. I therefore had to resort to my smallest telescope, the Heritage 100P for the observation of the transit. The second filter arrived at my house in time, and so I was still able to carry out the observations.

Note: See also pages Solar Filter for the Heritage 100P and 114P and Skymax-102 OTA, Solar Filter for the Skymax-127, Solar Filter for the Explorer 150PDS, and Mercury Transit 2016

Note: In April 2017, I sold the EMC Sun Filter SF 100, order number 600-109 (size 9), because I had sold my GSO GSD 680 8" Dobsonian telescope (it was too heavy for me). I am therefore regrettably unable to report any further experiences with the filter size 9 on this site.


Photos of the euro EMC Sun Filter (Size 9)


Packaging of the filter from above


Ditto from below


Filter from below - note the 4 additional slots (from size 9 on)


Filter from above - note the 4 additional slots (from size 9 on)

The filter comes with a small Allen wrench to tighten the filter holders. It must be noted that the disc-shaped sun visors have to fit properly, so that no sunlight can penetrate through any slots. Furthermore, the additional slots have to be covered with tape (included).


Photos of the GSD 680 Equipped with Sun Filter


GSD 680 with solar filter - rear view


Ditto, detail


GSD 680 with solar filter - front/side view


GSD 680 with solar filter - sisw view


GSD 680 with solar filter - front view, a little closer


Ditto, even more close




GSD 680 with solar filter - top view


The filter has to be carefully mounted to the telescope, so that the film will not be dented by any airlocks.




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