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On these pages I do "moon walks" on the basis of my own photos. In other words, I try to name the objects on my lunar photos to get to know the moon better. Maybe these pages will help others to get to know the moon better as well...

On this page, I provide an overview of the "moon walks" and some information about the moon.


Overview my Moon Walks



Elements of the Moon Surface

Elements of the Moon Surface - Alternative (according to Spix)

Latin and English Names of Seas/Oceans

Mare Cogitum Sea of Knowledge
Mare Crisium Sea of Dangers
Mare Fecunditatis Sea of Fertility
Mare Frigoris Sea of Cold
Mare Humorum Sea of Moisture
Mare Imbrium Sea of Rain
Mare Nectaris Sea of Nectar
Mare Serenitatis Sea of Cheerfulness
Mare Tranquilitatis Sea of Calm
Mare Vaporum Sea of Vapors
Oceanus Procellarum Ocean of Storms


Mean distance from the earth 384,400 km
Closet distance 356,000 km
Farthest distance 407,000 km
Diameter 3,476 km
Circumference 10,920 km
Mass 1/81 earth masses
Specific weight 3.3 g/ccm
Sidereal orbit period (star - star) 27.32 days
Synodic orbit period (New Moon - New Moon) 29.53 days
Smallest angular diameter 29' 26"
Largest angular diameter 33' 30"
Overseeable area (thanks to the libration) 59%




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