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It has become a "stupid habit" to show unboxing photos or videos of luxury articles such as Apple computers or Leica cameras. Admittedly, the unboxing of our Ricoh cameras and modules wasn't that great an experience, so I join the "fools" and present photos of unboxing the Leica X Vario. In the end, we all want to know what's in the box, but I have to concede that my photos do not reveal all the details such as the cables and manuals...


Unboxing Photos

This is what I brought home from the dealer: a gray box with the camera within, the protector (left) and a glossy brochure (the hole that the camera created in my purse is not shown):

Getting the box out of the box:

Unfolding the outer box to reveal another "black box":

Opening the lid of the box to reveal the camera box and getting the protector out of its box:

Opening the camera box: a first sight of the Leica X Vario, still in a plastic bag:

A closer look:

Now everything without plastic bags:

And, again, a closer look:

Now with removed camera box:

A closer look at the camera:



The Camera

And finally, here it is, the blend between a Leica X and a Leica M, named Leica X Vario:

And here, again:


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