Melotte 25 (Mel 25) - Hyades

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On this page I collect my observations of the open star cluster Mel 25 (Hyades) in the constellation Taurus / Bull.



I have only learned more about the Hyades (Mel 25) in the Taurus / Bull this winter (2016/17). They roughly form a triangle, which helps you to orient yourself. In February, for example, you can find them by starting from the Pleyades and continuing a little to the left until you reach a conspicuously yellow star. This is Aldebaran in the Taurus / Bull, which limits the base of the Hyades triangle on the left. You can then proceed to the right to the right tip of the triangle and follow the other side again to the upper left. The Hyades (5° x 4°) just fit into the field of view of opera glasses, I read (I do not own any ...), and can therefore not be seen completely in my telescopes and binoculars.

Size: 5° x 4° (Stoyan)
Distance: 150 light years
Ranking: *** (Stoyan)



Hyades (large) in constellation Taurus / Bull


Own Observations

Observations February 2017

The Hyades (5° x 4°) can not be seen completely in my binoculars and my small Heritage 100P telescope. This is much more so for larger telescopes. My 8" GSD 680, of course, showed an even smaller section due to the threefold higher magnification. I therefore preferred the view in the 4" Heritage 100P telescope. The 5" Heritage P130 was in between...

Observations November 2017



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