Messier 56 (M 56)

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On this page I collect my observations of the globular star cluster M 56 in the constallation Lyra.



The globular star cluster M 56 in the constellation Lyra is harder to find as the clusters M 13 and even more so M 92.

Size: 3' (Stoyan)
Distance: 31,000 light years (Stoyan)
Rating: ** (Stoyan).



M 56 in Lyra, M 57 is nearby, double star Albireo, too, and the two Hercules clusters M 13 and M 92 are not too far away...


My Own Observations

I observed M 56 in Mühlhausen / Kraichgau (time and telescope are unknown / forgotten). There was a sphere to be seen, but it appeared much smaller than M 13 and M 92.

In France (Sumène, Haute Loire) I did not find M 56 in late September / early October with the Heritage 100P - despite several attempts.



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