Messier 17 (M 17)

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On this page I collect my observations of the galactic emission nebula M 17, called Omega or Swan Nebula, in the constellation Sagittarius.



M 17 (NGC 6618) is a galactic emission nebula in the Sagittarius constellation, which, according to Stoyan, is by many observers counted among the best nebulae of this type. The name Swan Nebula describes its form in a reversing telescope, but the name Omega Nebula, which dates back to William Herrschel, seems to be the more common one.

Size: 20' x 15' (Stoyan)
Distance: 5,000 light years (Stoyan)
Rating: **** (Stoyan).



M 17 in the constellation Sagittarius below Scutum



The sketch by Michael Vlasov ( provides an impression of what I failed to observe in Summer/Autumn 2016: Sketch of the M 17 Nebula by Michael Vlasov (Copyright © Michael Vlasov 2016)

Note: I only have the author's permission to link to the sketch.


My Own Observations

Observations Summer to Autumn 2016

(Further attempts at M 23, M 20 Trifid Nebula, M 8 Lagoon Nebula, M 21, M 24 Small Sagittarius Cloud)

Observations September to October 2018



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