Desktop Motives: Mostly Natural Patterns 2011-2012 Part 1

On this page, I offer photos for download that you can use as desktop motives – other uses are possible as well. Here, I offer a selection of photos of (mostly) natural patterns taken between 2011 and 2012 using a system digicam. The photos have not been specifically taken for the purpose of being used as desktop motives. You may find that some of the motives are better suited to this purpose than others, depending on your personal taste. Some photos look very similar but you may find that they make a big difference when used as a desktop image.

If you click a thumb nail, a larger version of the image will appear in a new window. You have to close this new window manually!

Note: I do no longer offer versions for different screen sizes, because these changed a lot over the years. Instead, I offer only images with about 6 Megapixels (3072*2048). You can use these for creating desktop images of suitable sizes.



Most natural patterns differ from artificial patterns in that they are irregular and more like the "repetition of the similar" – and in some case the "repetitions of the similars" meaning that several patterns blend into each other in one or the other way. Please note that some of the photos included in the list do not show patterns.

Tree Bark, Wine

Dry Grass in Autumn

Autumn: Leaves, Clematis

Autumn: Blackberries and More


Various Patterns

All photos taken by Gerd Waloszek with Ricoh GXR and various lenses, except for one by Astrid Kienow-Waloszek (Ricoh CX4)

Photos taken in 2011-2012 • Photos may be used for other purposes with permission of the author


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