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Since the redesign of the SAP Design Guild in April 2011, we plan to exchange the Website background each month (sometimes even more often...), thus adapting the background to the current time of the year. On this page, we will collect the backgrounds that we will use in the course of the year 2013. We show both the original photo and the adapted background.

January 2013

Frost Frost

January 2013 (Second Half)

Snow landscape Snow landscape

February 2013

Snow landscape Snow landscape

February 2013 (Second Half)

Snow landscape Snow landscape

March 2013

Spring snowflakes Spring snowflakes

March 2013 (Second Half)

Hazel blossoms Spring snowflakes

April 2013

Daffodils Daffodils

April 2013 (Second Half)

Forsythia Forsythia

May 2013

Tree in blossom Tree in blossom

May 2013 (Second Half)

Way in spring Way in spring

June 2013

Wheat fields Wheat fields

June 2013 (Second Half)

Cherries Cherries

July 2013

Flowers Flowers

July 2013 (Second Half)

Grain Grain

August 2013

Grain Grain

August 2013 (Second Half)

Grain Grain

September 2013

Wine Wine

September 2013 (Second Half)

Sunflowers Sunflowers

October 2013

Flowers Flowers

October 2013 (Second Half)

Shrubs Shrubs

November 2013

Wine fields Wine fields

November 2013 (Second Half)

Autumn leaves Autumn leaves

Permanent Background

All photos taken by Gerd Waloszek with Ricoh GXR and Leica X Vario

Photos taken between 2009 and 2013

Photos may be used for other purposes with permission of the author

Note: Original photos are delivered in two sizes (2560*1920 and 1920*1440) in JPG format, adapted backgrounds only in 1920*1440. Photos appear in 800*600 after clicking the previews.

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