Panasonic TZ202: Vividness Variations

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On this page, I deal with the "vividness" setting of the PhotoStyle function, that is, I vary between the "Standard", "Vivid", and "Neutral" main settings for a number of motifs.



I did this test because I found the colors of my photos a bit too "vivid" in the "Standard" PhotoStyle setting, that is, in the default setting of the camera.

Result: However, after having done this test, I decided to stick to the "Standard" setting for the moment.


Test Photos

Click on the images for slightly larger versions (appear in a new window).

Note that the "Neutral" images also have the lowest contrast, and the "Vivid" images have the highest one - it is not just saturation that is varied.

PhotoStyle = Neutral


PhotoStyle = Standard


PhotoStyle = Vivid


For the moment, I decided to stick with PhotoStyle = "Standard".


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