Panasonic TZ202: My Equipment

Status April 2018 | Photos of the Camera

On the photo on this page, I present my Panasonic TZ202 equipment (status: May 2018). Please note that the purpose for showing my equipment is to give recommendations to other Panasonic TZ202 users or prospective users, not to boast with what we own.


Status April 2018

Here is my Panasonic TZ202 equipment from May 2018:

Photo: My Panasonic TZ202 equipment (status: May, 2018)

At the top left, there is an external battery charger and a second battery, which I both bought afterwards. Please note the pearl at the hand strap for fixing the strap at my wrist! So the camera cannot fall to the ground inadvertently.

The case was "borrowed" from the Ricoh GR and the memory card from the Leica M (Typ 240) und will return there as needed...


Photos of the Camera


Front view


Rear view


Front view, on, wide angle


Front view, on, telephoto


Top view, on, wide angle


Top view, on, telephoto


Top view, off


Rear view, on


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