Sony RX10 M3: Introduction

Purpose of My Sony RX10 M3 Pages | How I Became A Sony RX10 M3 Owner | Now I Am A Sony RX 10 M3 Owner... | Would I Recommend A Sony RX10 M3 to You?


Purpose of My Sony RX10 M3 Pages

My Sony RX10 M3 pages are intended as an information source for existing and prospective Sony RX10 M3 owners. However, there is no intention to offer a complete or even up-to-date information source, because I do not have the time for such a project. The focus of my pages is on presenting my personal experiences with this camera and thereby providing one or the other useful tip for others.

Note: I use the Sony RX10 M3 mostly in P mode, sometimes in A mode. I will therefore, not cover any of the following modes or specialties: Intelligent Auto mode, Superior Auto mode, Scene mode, Creative style, Picture effect, and many of the other gimmicks. Probably, this list is incomplete...


How I Became A Sony RX10 M3 Owner

Actually, I own already quite a few cameras, but I always read in forums that other photographers struggle with this problem as well and tend to own too many instead of too few cameras. Well, I discovered a supposed "gap" in my equipment, a compact camera with a huge zoom range, an electronic viewfinder, and good picture quality for the holidays and at home, to take photos of butterflies and flowers from a larger distance.

I had purchased the compact Panasonic TZ202 for this purpose in spring 2018, but unfortunately it turned out that its focal range was not quite sufficient for butterflies. Experiments with the electronic zoom (up to 720 mm) showed that the objects were of sufficient size, but that the camera reacted sluggishly and, above all, that the image quality was not satisfactory. Especially at higher ISO values, I found the image quality of the TZ202, compared with my Sony RX100 M4, was not at all overwhelming. Test reports confirmed this by showing that the Panasonic "lags" behind the Sony by one EV (or f-stop or ISO step).

Figure: The Sony RX10 M3

Briefly, I also considered buying a Panasonic Lumix FZ1000, a bridge camera with 25-400 mm focal length (equiv.). The electronic viewfinder and the autofocus speed impressed me, when I tried the camera in a store. However, I was not convinced of the camera's image quality (the Sony's is reported to be better), so that I first decided for a Sony RX100 M4 and later for a Panasonic TZ202. It also turned out that, with respect to zoom range and image quality, moving over from a TZ202 to an FZ1000 was not justified.

So I was dissatisfied with my situation, but the only improvement in the 1" sensor class with respect to a long focal length was offered by the Sony RX10 series, even though size, weight, and price initially spoke against it. In the end, however, I ended up in buying the "queen" of the 1" sensor class, the Sony RX10, albeit not the very latest version of it. But the sensor (with respect to the image quality) and the optics are the same as the in latest version, only the autofocus cannot match it. The RX100 M3's larger focal length (600 mm instead of 400 mm) and the consistently better quality of the lens gave it the edge over the Panasonic FZ1000. And now, that is, after having made the decision in favor of the Sony RX10 M3, I do hope that a focal length of up to 600 mm will indeed be sufficient for butterflies (it's still winter...) - and I might also add a bit of Clear Image Zoom to this equation...


Now I Am A Sony RX10 M3 Owner...

But only since December 17, 2018. Therefore I do not really feel obliged to write about my experiences with this camera. Nevertheless I created a page with first experiences and would like to refer you to this page. Here is an excerpt from this page!

So what can I say about the Sony RX10 M3 after a few months of use? First of all, I had to get used to it! Second, here are some first observations:

Photo: My Sony RX10 M3 - about 1100 g heavy...

Would I Recommend A Sony RX10 M3 to You?

This also requires some experience with the camera. But I can already tell so much: If you are looking for a compact camera that fits yout trouser or jacket pocket, this camera is not a good choice. But if you have the same or similar requirements as me, I would recommend the camera to you. And if you still have some money left, maybe you should choose the successor RX10 M4 because of the better autofocus...


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