Sony R100 M4: My Equipment

Status July 2017 | Photos of the Camera

On the photo on this page, I present my Sony RX100 M4 equipment (status: July 2017). Please note that the purpose for showing my equipment is to give recommendations to other Sony RX100 M4 users or prospective users, not to boast with what we own.


Status July 2017

Here is my Sony RX100 M4 equipment from July 2017:

Photo: My Sony RX100 M4 equipment (status: July, 2017)


The first battery NP-BX1 and an SD memory card reside in the camera. In March 2018, I added a remote commander Sony RM-SPR1:


Remote Commander Sony RM-SPR1


Remote Commander Sony RM-SPR1 at the camera


Photos of the Camera


Front view


Rear view


Top view


Bottom view


Front/top view, off


Front/top view, on


Front/top view, on, viewfinder activated


Rear view, on


Front view, viewfinder activated


Rear view, viewfinder activated


Viewfinder close-up


Ditto, even closer


LCD screen tilted


Ditto, further tilted


LCD screen in "selfie position"


Camera with grip attached, front view


Camera with grip attached, nearly top view


Camera with grip attached, top view


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