Sony RX100 M4: Close-Up Experiences - Lensmate Adapter Unboxing and Installation

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This page and its companion pages discuss the macro, or better, close-up, abilities of the Sony RX100 M4. Although the camera has a macro mode (allowing shots from 5 cm), I would not call these photos "macros" and therefore use the term "close-up."

On this page, I present the Lensmate quick-change filter adapter*, which allows you to attach filters and close-up lenses to the various Sony RX100 models. I will show the "unboxing" of the adapter, as well as its installation at the camera lens, and how it looks at te camera with and without close-up lenses. First results with different close-up lenses are presented on another page.

*) Lensmate does not have a consistent name for this adapter; other names are Sony RX100 V Quick Change Adapter, Sony RX100 V Quick Change Filter Adapter, or Sony RX100 V Quick-Change Filter Adapter, a.s.o. ...



Since the lenses of the Sony RX100 models do not have a filter thread, I cannot use my existing close-up lenses with this camera. At least, I would have to buy some sort of "lens adapter" like the one that Sony sells (VFA-49R1), but, according to Sony, it fits only the models 1 and 2. In his book on the Sony RX100 M4, Alexander S. White mentions the Lensmate adapter for the Sony RX100 (all models). This seemed to be the only option for using filters and close-up lenses, has to be imported from the U.S.A, and costs about 25 $ (plus shipping to Germany and customs for Germany) as a kit (see below). I ordered this adapter kit (in its version for the models M3 to M5) plus five change adhesives at the beginning of October 2017, and received it on October 20, after it had been passed the German customs (6.77 EUR taxes). Only later, I found out that there are also other adapter options for filter adapters available...


Unboxing and Parts

The Lensmate quick-change filter adapter kit 52mm (also named "Sony RX100 V ...", but also fits RX100 IV, RX100 III, RX100 II, and RX100) is comprised of the following:


Front side of the package


Back side with customs declaration


Box content in bag


Ditto other side


Kit (left) and change adhesives (right)


Ditto, kit seen from the other side


The complete content; tools to the right (guide tool on top, removal tool below it), lens cap to the left


Filter holder (Part 2, left) and receiver (Part 1, right)


Alcohol wipe, container, tools, and additional change adhesives

Since I plan to use the adapter for close-up lenses only, I will not use the provided lens cap.



The following installation procedure was taken (and expanded) from a video (to be found on this page) that is provided by Lensmate for installing and removing the filter adapter:

  1. Remove the camera battery.
  2. Lay the camera on its back .
  3. Clean with provided alcohol wipe (wipe around the lens once).
  4. Allow alcohol to dry.
  5. Lay installation tool over the lens.
  6. Remove the plastic backing from receiver.
  7. With orange tape parallel to top of camera, lower the receiver into the guide.
  8. Remove the orange tape.
  9. Press firmly down on the receiver and remove tape and guide.
  10. The installation is complete.
  11. Replace the battery, attach a filter/lens to the filter holder, and start taking pictures.
  12. To uninstall the filter adapter, slide the removal tool between the camera and the receiver (the thread is at the bottom).

Camera and the necessary parts and tools for the installation


Using the alcohol wipe for cleaning


Guide fitted to the lens


Receiver with plastic backing and orange tape


Plastic backing partly removed


Plastic backing removed


Receiver lowered into the guide (parallel to top of camera)


Pressing firmly down on the receiver


Removing the orange tape


Guide still there...


Guide removed, installation complete


Closer look (receiver only)

Lensmate provides the following tips for installation and removal (see the page for details):




Look "Stand-Alone" and with Different Close-up Lenses

The following photos show the Sony RX100 M4 with the Lensmate filter adapter attached and with two of my close-up lenses attached.

No Lens


Closer look with receiver only

  Look from above with receiver only   Oblique look from above with receiver only

Side view with receiver only


Closer look with filter holder attached (initial position*)


Closer look with filter holder attached (locked position*)


Extreme view...

  *) Can be attached in two opposite positions.

Marumi +5 Achromat


With Marumi +5 achromat, side view


Oblique side view


Ditto with lens cap

Ditto with lens cap  

Front view with lens cap


View from top


Camera turned on





Dörr +10 Achromat


With Dörr +10 achromat




Ditto with lens cap


Side view


Camera turned on



siocore +10 Achromat


siocore +10 achromat with caps


siocore +10 achromat - caps off


siocore +10 achromat at the camera

Note: The Dörr +10 achromat does not fit the filter thread well anf might destroy the plastic thread. I first considered using two Marumi +5 achromats instead. But because of the high weight of this combination, I decided to buy a generic +10 achromat as a replacement for the Dörr achromat. The only one that I was able to find on the Internet was the siocore +10 achromat for a 52 mm filter thread. So I bought this one...


First Thoughts

First of all, I am curious how long it will take before the receiver will get loose. Luckily, I also bought five change adhesives to accomodate this... By the way, Lensmate tells that they no longer sell this (which is not true) but recommend to by a new receiver (which includes a new adhesive).

Secondly, I was somewhat disappointed that everything is made of plastic, particularly the thread that accepts the filter or lens (the MagFilter adapter that we bought for my wife's RX100 M1 is made of metal).

Since the Dörr +10 achromat seems to have issues with the filter thread, I decided not to use it at the Sony RX100 M4. First, I considered adding a second Marumi +5 achromat instead, whenever I need more magnification (no photos of this assembly yet...). Probably, I can also screw the Dörr achromat to a Marumi achromat to achieve an even higher magnification, but things get heavier and heavier this way: The Marumi achromats weigh 58 g and 59 g respectively and the Dörr achromat 85 g. Thus, both Marumis together exceed this with 117 g, and altogether, we get already 202 g, probably far too much for the Lensmate assembly...

I therefore decided to buy a generic +10 achromat, but this was not easy to find. Finally, I found the siocore +10 achromat for a 52 mm filter thread on the Internet and bought one (and retired the Dörr achromat...). It weighs 74 g, and this should be OK. I will use my second Marumi achromat +5 on my other cameras or on my wife's RX100 M1, for which I also bought a filter adapter (a magnetic one).

In case that I want to use two different close-up lenses, I better would have bought two filter holders. But since I have to order these from the U.S.A., I will refrain from doing so. By the way, when I use only the two Marumi achromats and just stack them, then there is no need for a second filter holder (but see above...).




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