Sony RX100 M4: Close-Up Samples

Sample Photos

This page presents sample photos that demonstrate the close-up facilities of the Sony RX100 M4. Although the camera has a macro mode (allowing shots from 5 cm at wide angle and 30 cm at the tele end), I would not call these photos "macros"... Moreover, these photos were not taken at the shortest possible distance (focal length: 70 mm equiv.).

These sample photos were taken in August 2017.

Notes: See pages Close-Up... (the link leads to the first page) for my experiences with taking close-up photos with the Sony RX100 M4. See Close-Up Samples - Part 2 and Close-Up Samples - Part 3 for further close-up samples.

See also Close-Up Samples - Spring 2018 (with Lenses)


Sample Photos

The following examples were taken in August 2017 in a Swedish park to demonstrate the close-up capabilities of the Sony RX100 M4.



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