Messier 44 (M 44) - Praesepe (Beehive)

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On this page I collect my observations of the open star cluster M 44 (Praesepe, Beehive) in the constellation Cancer / Crab.



Cancer / Crab belongs to the constellations that I do not really know. And I had not heard of the open star cluster Praesepe (M 44) before, which is also called Crib or Beehive and impressive 70' large. Praesepe is located roughly at the intersection of lines emanating from Castor / Pollux and from Procyon. It was relatively faint in my binoculars (Trinovid) - almost like a nebula, but small star dots were recognizable.

Since Praesepe is located in the east and fairly low in February and was not visible from my terrace (at least , I thought so...). That is why I did not attempt to observe it on the first day of my winter observations in 2017 (Feb 13, 2017). More on this further below.

In the meantime, I have observed Praesepe (M 44) often, have seen it beautifully and, under good sky conditions, was even able to see it with my eyes.

Size: 70' (Stoyan)
Distance: 610 light years
Rating: ****



M 44 (Praesepe) in constellation Cancer/Crab

Position of M 44 (Praesepe) in constellation Cancer/Crab relative to Castor and Pollux in Gemini/Twins


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