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On this page I collect my observations of the double double star "Double Double" (epsilon Lyrae) in the constellation Lyra/Lyre.



The double double star "Double double" (epsilon Lyrae) in the constellation Lyra/Lyre is, as already stated in its name, a double double star, that is, four stars. According to Stoyan, epsilon Lyrae is the "celebrated double double system," which is also popular as a test object for small telescopes. The simple pair is also an eye tester because, with a distance of a little more than 3', they are at the resolution limit of the human eye.

Above a magnification of 60-80 x one should already be able to see that both stars are double stars themselves. Up to a magnification of 100 x, you can have both couples in the field of view. I was, however, not able to verify this during my first attempt at the double star system, because while, even at a magnification of 100 x, both stars were in the same field of view, they were not recognizable as double stars. About nearly a year later, I was successful, though...

Double Double
Separation: 2.2" and 2.4", 209" between both double stars (Stoyan)
Distance: 160 light years (Stoyan)
Ranking: *** (Stoyan)



Double Double (epsilon Lyrae) in the constellation Lyra/Lyre (Image Courtesy of SkySafari Astronomy,


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