Atik Infinity Photos (February 21, 2018)

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On this page I present photos taken with the Atik Infinity camera on February 21, 2018.



The following photos were my eighth attempt with the Atik Infinity camera.

This was my third attempt with the Explorer 150PDS and my second successful with the StarSense module for automatic alignment.


On February 21, 2018, the sky was clear again, so that I built up my Explorer 150PDS with GoTo mount once more. Aligning the mount with the StarSense module was successful, and I looked at a few deep sky objects (M 35, M 42, M 37). Then I attached the Atik Infinity camera to the telescope and looked at two "Winter" DSOs (M 35 and M 42), as well as at the Half Moon. All in all, the moon was already too bright for extensive photo attempts... The results were satisfying, but the moon photos were not as sharp as I had hoped for.



The following photos were taken with the Explorer 150PDS on the Star Discovery AZ GoTo mount (with StarSense module) and saved as 16-bit TIFF files:


M 35 (Gemini), unprocessed


Ditto, processed


Ditto, processed and sharpened


M 42 (Orion), unprocessed


Ditto, processed and sharpened


Ditto, processed alternatively and sharpened


Half Moon, unprocessed


Ditto, processed


Ditto, processed and sharpened



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