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On this page, I collect information about GR firmware updates, focusing on function enhancing updates.

I do not know with which firmware version the Ricoh GR was delivered initially. My sample had firmware version 1.11, although the most recent firmware update (2.03) had already been published two months earlier...


Overview of Firmware Updates

There are basically two types of firmware updates: (1) updates that correct errors, (2) updates that add additional or modify existing functionality, so-called function enhancing updates (they may also include error corrections). So far, the following function enhancing updates have been published:

Below, I will only discuss function enhancing firmware updates (with one exception).


Function Enhancing Update 4 (Version 5.0) and Fix

The fourth function enhancing firmware update appeared in February, 2016, had version number 5.00, and included two enhancements. Firmware Update Software Version 5.01 for the GR (June 2016) is a minor buxfix of version 5.0.

Changes to V5.01


  1. [Conversion Lens] is added to the functions which can be registered to these buttons.
  2. [Macro] is added on [Conversion Lens].


Function Enhancing Update 3 (Version 4.0)

The third function enhancing firmware update appeared in June, 2014, had version number 4.00, and included five enhancements.

For details, see GR firmware update (currently version 5.01)


  1. Added [Shift Crop] on [Effect] of [Shooting] menu.
  2. Added [AF Mode] on [Set up] menu. It has two options: [Normal] or [High speed].
  3. Added [Card Sequence No.] on [Setup] menu. It has two options: [On] or [Off].
  4. Added [Playback Animation] on [Setup] menu. It has two options: [On] or [Off]
  5. When deleting an image taken with RAW+ on Playback Mode, [Delete RAW+ JPEG], [Delete JPEG only] or [Delete RAW only] can be selected instead of [Delete One].

For more details click here.

Changes to V4.00

  1. Improved operational performance for [Aperture Preview].
  2. Improved stability for USB connection with Mac.

*Contents of [Version 3.00] and earlier version will be also updated.


Function Enhancing Update 2 (Version 3.0)

The second function enhancing firmware update appeared in January, 2014, had version number 3.00, and included six enhancements.

For details, see GR firmware update (currently version 5.01)


  1. Added [Slight] on [Effect] of [Shooting] menu.
  2. Added [AFL Focus Setting] on [Key Custom Options] menu. Options are: Multi AF, Spot AF (default), and Pinpoint AF.
  3. Added [Ambient Brightness] on [Setup] menu.
  4. Added [Folder Name Setting] on [Setup] menu.
  5. [Change Shutter Speed] will be set in increments of 1/3 steps when [ISO Step Setting] is set to [1/3EV].
  6. Added [Aspect Ratio] to the parameters of [RAW Development] on [Playback] menu.

For more details click here.


Function Enhancing Update 1 (Version 2.03)

The first function enhancing firmware update appeared in October, 2013, and had version number 2.03. It included several enhancements, including a new 47 mm crop mode.

For details, see GR firmware update (currently version 5.01)


  1. Shooting Mode
    • Shutter speed at the maximum aperture can be set up to 1/2500 seconds.
    • Changed the order of the icons for No.21 to No.25 in the shooting display (p.18).
  2. Playback Mode
    • Switching from Playback Mode to Shooting Mode (p.28): Pressing the shutter release button fully after starting up the camera in playback mode can switch to shooting mode.
  3. Shooting Menu (p.114-116)
    • Crop
      Added 47mm crop (in 35mm format).
      Former [Crop to 35mm] has changed into [Crop]. It has three options: [OFF], [35mm] and [47mm].
      When [35mm] or [47mm] is selected, [35mm] or [47mm] appears instead of [CROP] on the shooting screen (p.18).
      • When set to [47mm], the angle of view is equivalent to 47mm (in 35mm format).
      • When set to [47mm], [L] or [M] cannot be selected in [Format/Size] of the [Picture Format], and RAW files will be recorded as [S]
      • If [28/35mm] or [28/35/47mm] is registered with [Set Fn1 Button], [Set Fn2 Button] or [Effect Button Setting] of the [Key Custom Options] menu, the angle of view can be changed each time pressing the correspondent button(p.107)
    • P Mode Selection
      Added the program diagram in [Max Aperture Prior.].
      Newly added [P Mode Selection] (can be set only in P mode and M mode) has two options: [Normal] and [Max Aperture Prior.] (Maximum Aperture Priority).
      When [Max Aperture Prior.] is set in P mode, [PA] appears on the shooting screen.
      • When [Program] is selected in [One Press M Mode] of the [Key Custom Options] menu (p.42), the aperture value and shutter speed are adjusted according to the [P Mode Selection] setting you set.
  4. Key Custom Options Menu (p.118-119)
    • Shutter Button Confirmation
      Added [Shutter Button Confirmation].
      When set to [On], pressing the shutter release button halfway can save the settings in ADJ. mode or in exposure compensation.
  5. Setup Menu(p.114-116)
    • Eye-Fi RAW Transfer
      Added [Eye-Fi RAW Transfer] (available only when using Eye-Fi cards which support RAW files).
      It has two options: [Allow] and [Deny]. When [Deny] is selected at [Eye-Fi transfer Selected Images], RAW files are not transferred.
  6. Playback Menu
    • Displays the Number of Remaining Images to be Transferred (p.97)
      When transfer images using [Eye-Fi transfer Selected Images], the number of remaining images to be transferred can be displayed on the playback screen.
    • File Name of Transferred Images (p.97)
      Image files with a folder number of over 200 can also be transferred at [Eye-Fi transfer Selected Images].
      The file names of transferred images are below: Last two digits of the folder name + last six digits of the file name

*Numbers in () indicate the reference page in the operating manual.

Changes to V2.03




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