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On this page, I provide some information about the second part of the Adventurer Pack and further accessories for the Vaonis Vespera telescope.





Photo: My Vaonis Vespera (end of July 2022)

Adventurer Pack

I had chosen the Adventurer Pack in the Kickstarter campaign for the Vespera. In November 2021 and in June 2022, Vaonis made changes to the pack's content; so the following set was eventually shipped in two packages:

Package 1:

Package 2:

I received package 1 with the Vespera telescope and the tripod on July 29, 2022, and the second package of the Adventurer Pack (backpack, light pollution filter, hygrometer sensor) on September 15, 2022. Package 1, with which you can start observing immediately, is presented on page Vaonis Vespera - Information, package 2 on this page.

Note: The backpack is also described on page Backpack.

Further Accessories

Moreover, I acquired a solar filter as soon as it became available on the Vaonis Website and also the Dual Band Filter - despite its high price (I gave it as a Christmas present to me).

Since I found it difficult to screw the tripod to the Vespera, I purchased the Rollei Schnellwechselsystem (Rollei quick-release system) that a Vespera owner promoted in the Kickstarter discussion about the Vespera. I already tried it, but I am not sure if I will use it permanently because I have my problems with it as well...

Last but not least, I purchased the Vespera / Stellina Gitzo Systematic High Tripod.

On this page I also briefly present these accessories.


Adventurer Pack, Part 2


Below, I present unboxing photos of part 2 of the Vespera Adventurer Pack (backpack, accessories). Part 1 consisted of the telescope and the adjustable tripod.


The 2nd package for the Vespera Adverture Pack ...


....was squeezed during transportation


Some accompanying papers ...


Box opened, you can see the backpack


Backpack taken out of the box




Backpack rear side


Backpack opened; on top are the boxes for the hygrometer sensor and the light pollution filter


Ditto, somewhat differently arranged; there is also a black bag for whatever purpose...

Filled Backpack


Filled backpack opened




Accessory compartment opened


Vespera protection opened, accessory compartment still closed


Vespera protection opened, accessory compartment opened


Protection removed from the accessory compartment


Accessory compartment with charger, tripod legs, tripod head, and Rollei quick-release system


Ditto, closer view


Protection with bubble level in an extra compartment put on the tripod legs

  Charger cable   The filters are stored in the front compartment (without their outer boxes).

Installation of Accessories


Box of the Hygrometer Sensor


Box of the Light Pollution Filter


Both accessory boxes (left Hygrometer sensor, right light pollution filter) opened


Front of the telescope tube, which is covered by a removable ring; after pressing the button at the top left, you can remove the ring.


Here, the ring was removed and you can see the space for the Hygrometer Sensor.


Box of the Hygrometer Sensor opened, on the top the removed ring


Hygrometer Sensor, screw for fixing it, a tool for the screw, and the removed ring


Hygrometer sensor installed (explained in the Vespera manual)


Light Pollution Filter (and removed ring)


The filter is transparent but also reflective...


Filter installed (explained in the Vespera manual)

The Singularity app indicates, whether the Hygrometer Sensor is installed; if yes, it displays humidity and temperature values. It also indicates, whether a filter is installed and if so, which one.


Further Filters (Solar Filter, Dual Band Filter)

Solar Filter

In October 2022, the solar filter for the Vespara became available, and I quickly ordered one, hoping that I might be able to observe the partial solar eclipse on October 25, 2022. Regrettably, the solar filter arrived one day later at my home. So, I took some less impressive photos without an eclipse on that evening:





For more information, see page Observations of the Sun.

Dual Band Filter

In December 2022, also the Dual Band Filter was made available, and I soon ordered one; it arrived at my home an December 19, 2022. Possibly, it is somewhat redundant with the Light Pollution Filter... More on the Light Pollution and Dual Band Filters on page Observations with Filters!


Rollei Quick-Release System (Schnellwechsel-System)

The Rollei quick-release system (Schnellwechsel-System) consists of two adapters, which can be connected to each other via a kind of bayonet catch and can easily be disconnected again. The top adapter is screwed to the Verspera, the bottom one to the tripod head. Thereafter, you can separate both adapters by turning the lower adapter. For details see the Rollei product page!


Box of the Rollei quick release system (Schnellwechsel-System)


Box emptied, the system shows the upper side (to the Vespera)


System turned upside down, shows the bottom side (to the tripod)


System parts separated; left: the bottom part that is srewed to the tripod; right: the top part that is screwed to Vespera


Top part turned upside down and screw mount adapter removed


Now with tripod...


Ditto, closer view


Now with the Vespera; the bottom part of the system is screwed onto the tripod; the top part is to be screwed to the Vespara.


Vespera and the two parts of the systems


Top part screwed to the Vespera


Ditto, closer view


Complete system at the Vespera, at the bottom is the connection to the tripod

Complete system at the Vespera seen from the side  

Ditto, closer view; note that the bottom part of the system has a bubble level.


System (both parts) installed between Vespera and tripod


Vespera / Stellina Gitzo Systematic High Tripod

After taking part in the Vaonis competition for the best photos of Messier objects in spring 2023, I received a voucher for Vaonis accessories because some of my photos had been published. However, I owned already most of the accessories for the Vespera, either I had purchased them or had received them with the Adventurer Pack. The only thing I was missing was the Vespera / Stellina Gitzo Systematic High Tripod (Gitzo GT3533S-VS; Series 3, normal length, three leg sections; see Gitzo Website), i.e. a larger tripod. Gritting my teeth, I ordered this one in June 2023 because I did not want to let the voucher unused...

Here are some data about the carbon tripod (from the Vaonis Website):

Note: The bubble level is not provided (it is with the original product).

Photo: Vespera on the carbon tripod



Vespera with cover on the tripod

Vespera without cover on the tripod

Vespera on the tripod, arm moved

Lever for losening the flat disk* **

Flat disk mounted at the Vespera*

Flat disk mounted at the Vespera*

Tripod from underneath with flat disk

Tripod from above with flat disk

Tripod from above, flat disk removed*

Tripod, one segment pulled out

Tripod, both segments pulled out

Tripod with Vespera, both segments pulled out

Tripod, both segments pulled out, flat disk removed

Flat disk from above*

Flat disk from underneath*

Tripod from "above", segments not pulled out

Tripod head with inserted flat disk

Tripod from the side, segments not pulled out

See the Vaonis Website for more photos.

*) The most convenient way to attach the Vespera to the tripod is to remove the flat disk, attach it to the Vespera (not too tight!) and, then reinsert the disk into the tripod head.
**) There is a catch at the bottom of the tripod head, which must be pressed to remove the flat disk.


First Experiences

So far I have only been able to collect just a few experiences with the Vespera accessories.

The Hygrometer Sensor measures humidity and temperature, which are displayed in the Singularity app (this works!). It also closes the telescope arm, when it detects rain. I think that I will not test the latter function; it is particularly meant for observations where you at a certain distance from the Vespera or inside your house while the Vespera is outside.

The Light Pollution Filter, on the other hand, has already been used. I wonder how much it darkens the image, that is, extends the required exposure time. By the way, Vespera has a built-in UV/IR blocking filter! The Dual Band Filter is primarily to be used for emission nebulae. Again, I wonder how much it darkens the image, thus extending the required exposure time. More on both filters on page Observations with Filters.

The solar filter has been used, and it seems to work "as expected". However, I find the low sharpness of the photos to be a disadvantage. For more on this, see page Observations of the Sun.

I am still undecided as to the Rollei quick-release system, partly because the top part does not connect firmly to the Vespera base, as the base rotates and cannot be locked for a secure connection. I also do not know whether the motor drive for the horizontal axis can be damaged when connecting the Vespera to the top part of the system.

I used the Vespera / Stellina Gitzo Systematic High Tripod in January 2024 for the first time.


First Conclusions

My first conclusion on the accessories for the Vaonis Vespera is that everything seems to work "as expected". More about the light pollution and the dual band filter on page Observations with Filters! More about the solar filter on page Observations of the Sun.




Appendix: The Boxes...

Boxes for the Filters and the Hygrometer Sensor


The boxes of the filters and the Hygrometer Sensor


Descriptions of the contents...

  Box of the Hygrometer Sensor

Box of the Solar Filter


Box of the Light Pollution Filter


Box of the Dual Band Filter

The Filters and their Boxes


Solar Filter


Light Pollution Filter


Dual Band Filter


Solar Filter


Light Pollution Filter


Dual Band Filter


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