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In preparation

On this page, I present some information about my GSO GSAZ AZ mount (ordered on January 15, 2021 , arrived on February-May ??). I plan to use the Celestron C8 and TS-Optics TLAPO1027 tubes on this mount.

See the appendix for the data.



In preparation


In preparation

Outer package


Package dimensions :
Outer package: 26 cm x 47 cm x 88 cm

Gross weight: 11 kg (9.8 kg, own measurement), net weight: 7 kg


Ditto, opened



Inner boxes "out of the box"


Tools, hand box holder, compass....

View of the opened box with mount and further parts

View of the opened tripod box

Tripod (accessory tray not assembled)

Tripod head

Mount box empty...

Content of the mount box

Content of the mount box, unpacked

Ditto, with further accessories

Mount from bottom
(see the holes for the tripod)

Dovetail mount for telescope tubes (Vixen type)

Mount seen more from below and the side

Switch and connections at the mount, detail

Mount from other side with battery compartment

Battery compartment opened

Battery holder (8 x AA)


Look Telescope Tubes

GSAZ Mount with C8

GSAZ Mount with TLAPO1027 Refractor


First Photo Attempts

In preparation


Preliminary Conclusions

In preparation




Appendix: Data for GSO GSAZ Mount



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