Calendar for 2017

Here I present photos from a calendar for 2017. The photos were taken in 2016 in Sweden, most of them in Bohuslän.

Title: Marstrand

January: "Stone ship" and museum

February: Stormy sea in the North

March: Grundsund

April: Hållö near Smögen

Mai: Petrographs

June: Smögen

July: Smögen

August: Smögen

September: Marstrand

October: Ulebergshamn

November: Marstrand

December: Baroque art in old church

Farewell: Glass museum in Växjö

Did not make it into the calendar: Rocks...

Photos taken with Leica X Vario by Gerd Waloszek

If you click a thumb nail, a larger version of the image will appear in a new window. You have to close this new window manually!

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