Panasonic TZ202: Sharpness Variations

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On this page, I deal with the sharpness setting of the PhotoStyle function (PhotoStyle = "Standard").



After I had bought the Panasonic TZ202, I immediately compared the photos that I took with this camera with those taken with my Sony RX100 M4. At the beginning, I was disappointed with the results that the TZ202 produced, to say the least. The photos looked soft in comparison and as if they had been "painted" thanks to strong noise reduction. Luckily, the PhotoStyle function of the TZ202 allowed me to control both variables and to come a little closer to the results that I achieve with my Sony RX 100 M4. In the following, I demonstrate the effect of different sharpness values of the PhotoStyle function using the "Standard" main setting.

Result: For the moment, I decided to raise the sharpness value to +3 (PhotoStyle = "Standard"), because from this value on the contours become more prominent.


Test Photos

I took photos with sharpness values between 0 and +5 (PhotoStyle = "Standard"), since I wanted to increase sharpness, but did not know how much.

Overview Sample

Photo: This photo was taken with sharpness = 0

Photo: This photo was taken with sharpness = +3

Note: In this size, a difference is hardly noticeable...

Variations of the Sharpness Setting


Sharpness = 0


Sharpness = 1


Sharpness = 2


Sharpness = 3*


Sharpness = 4 (probably with a different focus...)


Sharpness = 5


Sharpness = 0 (repeated for easier comparison)


Sharpness = 1 (repeated for easier comparison)

*) For the moment, I decided for Sharpness = 3, because from this setting on, the contours are more pronounced.

Note: I will have to repeat this test with controlled camera settings and using a tripod. Nevertheless, a "trend" is visible...


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