Kemble's Cascade

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On this page I collect my observations of the star pattern (asterism) Kemble's Cascade in the constellation Camelopardis, which is terminated by the open star cluster NGC 1502 (Golden Harp Cluster; same constellation) at one end.



Kemble's Cascade is an about 2.5° long chain of stars in the southwestern constellation of Camelopardis (giraffe), which does not have any catalogue designation. It is supposed to be visible with the naked eye, but I found it only in the telescope. The cascade is an apparent line of more than 20 colored stars from the fifth to the tenth magnitude class over a distance of about five Earth moon diameters. The open star cluster NGC 1502 (Golden Harp Cluster) lies at one end of the chain.

Kemble's Cascade created with SkySafari 6; it looked more impressive to me in the telescope (Image Courtesy of SkySafari Astronomy,

Kemble's Cascade taken with an amateur telescope. The open star cluster NGC 1502 lies at the left end of the row of stars (Wikipedia, translated).

Kemble's Cascade      NGC 1502
Size: 2.80° (Stoyan)
Distance: no physical object
Rating: *** (Stoyan)
  Size: 20' (Wikipedia)
Distance: 2,700 light years (Wikipedia)
Rating: ---



Kemble's Cascade in constellation Camelopardis


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Kemble's Cascade/NGC 1502, January 26, 2024 - original


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Observations September to October 2019

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