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On this page, I discuss the topic live stacking, and more in the context of new astrophotography computer Ikarus StellarMate Plus (ordered on October 21, from Astroshop, arrived on October 26, 2021).

Note: For simplicity reasons, I will often call the device just "StellarMate"...

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What the StellarMate Plus from Ikarus Technologies is, and why and for what purpose I purchased it, can be found on page Ikarus StellarMate Plus - Information. On this page, I discuss the topic live stacking, and more.



My attempts with the StellarMate lasted from November 2021 until March 2022. On this and a preceding page*, I would like to describe my first experiences and not go too much into details. I compile the exact instructions that I came up with on separate pages (at the moment, there is only one page). I also started a "tips and tricks" page...
*) I put the "cut" between both pages at the point in time when I started to connect the mount no longer via Wi-Fi but via a USB dongle with the StellarMate (end of December 2021/beginning of January 2022).




Preliminary Conclusions

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