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On this page, I collect a list of sky objects that I was able to observe with my two binoculars. One of them is my fairly old Leica Trinovid 10 x 25 BC, a small and lightweight device that is considered as being usable for sky observations, and the other one are the TS 10 x 60 LE Porro binoculars, which have about the same magnification but can already be considered as usable for sky observations.

This list is meant to make suggestions to interested people, which sky objects can already be observed in binoculars - provided that the sky is dark enough.

Note: See also page My Binoculars.



I bought the Leica Trinovid in the early 1990s, because I wanted compact and powerful binoculars that I would gladly take with me on my trips. It did not disappoint me in this respect. Of course, I also used the binoculars for sky observations, well knowing that it is actually the exact opposite of a night glass, because until recently I had no other binoculars. The moon can be observed quite well with these binoculars, and in 2017, I was even able to see the Andromeda galaxy very nicely at the dark French night sky (in any case, better than ever before...). These binoculars are also well suited to observing larger open star clusters, although a magnification of 10 x is sometimes already too much, whereas for smaller open and globular clusters (and most galaxies) it may be too little...

I bought the TS 10 x 60 LE Porro binoculars in October 2017 (at Teleskop-Spezialisten), because, after the good experiences in September 2017 with a dark night sky in France, I wanted to explore whether a night glass can show even more objects than the Leica binoculars already do. So far, however, I had no opportunity to test the TS binoculars.

Figures: My binoculars, the small Leica Trinovid 10 x 25 BC and the large TS 10 x 60 LE

Note: See also page My Binoculars.


Visited Sky Objects - Leica Trinovid 10 x 25 BC

For these binoculars, which I own for more than 20 years, I list only a few observations from the recent past (in which I dealt more deeply with deep sky objects). Where the location is missing, the observations took place at home in Mühlhausen/Kraichgau.


Visited Sky Objects - TS 10 x 60 LE

I acquired these binoculars in October 2017 and thus, my observations start with this date:



Leica Trinovid 10 x 25 BC

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TS 10 x 60 LE

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